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My Sunday Evening Self-Care Routine

I am a huge promoter of self-care. Devoting 100% of your time to people and things other than yourself can be devastating to your wellbeing. I started working on my self care routine about a year and a half ago, and I’ve got it perfected now. I like to do my full routine on Sunday evenings because this can be a pretty rough time of the week for my anxiety. The week is full of unknowns, which generally lead me to have lots of snowballing distorted thoughts of how terrible the week will be. Instead of giving in, I like to nip it in the bud and put more time into listening to my body and my mind, and taking care of myself.

Part 1: Calm

Because Sunday mornings are normally really productive and busy for me, it takes a conscious effort to move from my “go go go” mindset into one of relaxation and calm. I’ll start my self-care routine with some yoga; this 10 minute video of Yoga for Stress & Anxiety relief is one of my favorites, and really helps me to mellow out. Once I’m finished with yoga, I’ll light all the candles in my apartment, and turn all the lights off. I have a little hot pad that I microwave and wrap around my neck to help alleviate some tension there. Comfy clothes like yoga shorts and a big tank top help to feel even more at ease. I start from the ground up, and fill a big bowl with hot water, throw in a bath fizzy, put on an episode of whatever show I’m watching, and soak my feet for a little while. It’s nice to just relax, zone out, and let your skin soften up while you wind down for the evening.

Part 2: Clean

Once my feet have soaked and softened a little bit, I’ll use a 4 Sided Pumice Wand to help exfoliate and scrub, plus a little dollop of the Earth Theraputics Cooling Foot Scrub. After a quick rinse, I’ll dry off, and apply a healthy amount of the Soap and Glory Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream and let it soak in. Once I’m satisfied with that, I’ll paint my toes, (I’ve been loving Julep polishes lately) and then settle back for a bit and wait for them to dry.

Once I’m satisfied with how dry my nails are, I’ll pull myself a warm bath and use a various combination of bath products from Lush (right now my favorite bath bomb is Sakura, and my favorite bubble bar will always and forever be the Rose Jam Bubbleroon). While the bath is running, before I climb in, I wash my face with the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser (it’s nice to wash your face while the bath is filling, because the steam can help open up your pores). A while ago I grabbed a Full of Grace Serum Bar from Lush, which I feel is a little too greasy for every day use, but works wonders under a face mask, especially one that can be a little drying like the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, which is like a bootcamp for troubled skin.

Once I have my serum and face mask on, I’ll put on some relaxing music or rain sounds on Spotify, and sink into the bath. In a typical week, I only shampoo my hair once or twice with a strengthening shampoo, which means that my weekly intensive pamper routine is the perfect time to use a clarifying shampoo. So far, my favorite happens to be the super wallet friendly Pantene Weekly Cleanse Purifying Shampoo, which leaves my scalp so so clean and tingly. Then, because the shampoo is so stripping, it’s important to give back a lot of moisture with a nourishing hair mask. The Macadamia Deep Repair Masque gives my hair so much shine and softness, and is the perfect second half of my hair routine. With a glass of wine or water, I could stay in the bath until my fingers and toes turn into little raisins.

Pull the plug on the bath, and then rinse out the hair mask, rinse off the face mask, and dry off. This is normally when I like to slip into a big fluffy robe and tie my hair with a Turbie Twist.

Part 3: Moisturize

Once I’m dried off, I’ll moisturize my whole body with a combination of the Pearl Massage Bar from Lush, and the Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Lotion. For my face, I’ll use the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, which helps during the winter months to brighten my skin up overnight. If I’m going to blow dry my hair, I’ll do that at this point (you can check out this post on products I use to blow dry my hair), or else I’ll comb through with a Tangle Teezer and add a few pumps of the Pantene Overnight Miracle Repair Serum.

At this point, I’ll add on a healthy amount of the Heel Genius lotion and slip on some cozy socks. I’ll do some bedtime yoga to get ready for sleep, and then climb under the covers. Normally Sunday is laundry day, and there are very few feelings in the world that are better than climbing into clean sheets after spending a whole evening taking care of yourself.

I bought all of these products myself, no one sent them to me. All opinions expressed are my own.

What are your self-care routine essentials? Do you have a staple product you love? What’s your favorite way to calm down and relax after a difficult week?


3 thoughts on “My Sunday Evening Self-Care Routine

  1. I try and do a light face peel once a week. Daily a must for me is moisturizer. As for relaxing… Not always possible. On the rare occasion I get to, I’m going to choose to nap. 🙂 nice post.


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