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Glossier: My Hits and Misses

Every time someone calls Glossier the “cool girl” skin care brand, creator Emily Weiss gets her wings. Through their ubiquitous millennial pink branding, minimalist packaging, and a booming social media presence, Glossier (pronounced like “dossier”) has certainly broken into the beauty market with a bang. I’ve tried a handful of products from the brand and wanted to share my three current faves, as well as a couple that missed the mark for me.

For the sake of transparency, I purchased all of these products myself and am not sponsored by or affiliated with Glossier.


Super Glow Serum

I’m starting with the best first – my all time favorite, repurchased, holy grail Glossier product: Super Glow Serum. I haven’t always been about the glow. Through college, I preferred being as matte as possible: pack it down with translucent powder, I don’t want to show any sign of shine.

One of the main reasons I favored packing down my makeup and aggressively setting it was to cover up some moderate acne scarring on my cheeks. That’s where Super Glow comes in. It’s a water-based vitamin C serum that helps “brighten and energize dull, tired skin.” Glossier also claims that “over time, Super Glow evens skin tone, and creates a light-reflective complexion.”

I typically use Super Glow in my morning skincare routine, after cleanser and toner and before moisturizer. Because it’s a water formula, I love to mist the Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray on my face, and then pat in a few drops of Super Glow while my skin is still wet. I focus mostly on my cheeks where my scarring is, but will take product on my forehead and chin, avoiding getting too close to my eye area.

Over the last year, I’ve introduced a lot of chemical exfoliant products into my routine so I can’t say that Super Glow is solely responsible for the improvements in my acne scarring and dark spots. But on top of a more even skin tone, I notice that on mornings I use Super Glow, my skin does feel more radiant and alive, without having to add highlight.

  • Pro Tip: I like to put a bit of Super Glow on my face before I go to the gym. It’s less than no-makeup makeup, but still makes me feel like I don’t look absolutely dead walking into spin class.
Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

Glossier dropped the Body Hero duo on us effectively out of nowhere (Lemonade style). And conveniently enough, it came at a time when I had just run out of body lotion, so I ordered the duo the first day it was available. It comes with a huge version of their classic bubble-wrap style pouch (which I saved to use as a perfect travel skin care or make-up bag).

Glossier touts that the Daily Perfecting Cream is a fast absorbing, intensely hydrating, and enhancing moisturizer. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) in the formula give your skin gentle chemical exfoliation, and the inclusion of “light reflecting particles” (whatever that means) helps make skin look glowy and radiant.

The two main things I love about the Daily Perfecting Cream are 1) the scent and 2) the consistency. Holy neroli, it smells amazing! It’s got a light floral scent that I swear reminds me of some type of sunscreen or lotion I used when I was a kid. It’s so pleasant and nostalgic, without being assaulting when paired with the Daily Oil Wash.

When Glossier says the Daily Perfecting Cream is fast absorbing, they aren’t lying. I usually can’t stand the process of slathering lotion on my legs and standing around fanning them and waiting until they’re dry before I touch anything else. That’s not a problem with this product. It sets into the skin quickly, leaving a dewy finish that isn’t sticky or greasy.

Priming Moisturizer

Like I said above, my ultimate skin care goal is for my skin to be so radiantly flawless that I require no makeup whatsoever. But until that day, I’m going to want to at least throw on some concealer and a brow product. The key to a flawless foundation of makeup is healthy, hydrated skin to start, which is why the Glossier Priming Moisturizer has landed squarely in my favorites.

Glossier describes the Priming Moisturizer as a “light and buildable moisture for a dewy, smooth canvas”, which makes it perfect for smoothing on before applying foundation. My preference is  to use a separate foundation primer after applying Priming Moisturizer, but again, I tend to opt for high coverage, long lasting makeup over a “no-makeup makeup” look.

While I don’t know that the Priming Moisturizer lives up to every claim listed (I haven’t noticed any visible plumping or redness relief), I do love how hydrated and blurred it makes my skin feel. If I layer Benefit’s Porefessional primer on top of this, on top of the Super Glow serum, I get that radiant, flawless, perfect skin glow, all without foundation.

  • Something to Note: Glossier changed the formula of their Priming Moisturizer not too long ago. The product now includes low levels of glycolic acid (an AHA) – if your skin is ultra sensitive, or if you’re a beginner to acids, try starting with the free sample of Priming Moisturizer on another order first to see how your skin reacts to it.


Invisible Shield

Like I mentioned earlier, I started introducing chemical exfoliants into my skincare routine a little over a year ago in an effort to combat some moderate acne scars and dark spots on my cheeks. It has worked really well in my routine, but the way acids work to even skin tone is by sloughing off dead skin cells and encouraging new skin cells to generate. It’s super effective for hyperpigmentation, but that also means your skin doesn’t have its usual outer layer to protect it from the sun.

Because my skin was much more susceptible to sun damage, I tried to focus more on adding in a sunscreen to my daily routine so I decided to give the Glossier Invisible Shield a try. The sunscreen claims to protect not only against UVA and UVB rays, but also “neutralize harmful free radicals, and keeps pollutant junk from getting in there in the first place”.

It’s hard to pinpoint whether or not those claims are valid – I certainly come into contact with my fair share of pollutant junk in San Francisco, but I can’t say whether Invisible Shield actually did much to prevent my skin from its effects.

Another downside for me is that Invisible Shield is only a chemical sunscreen, not a physical one. This means that it provides a lower amount of SPF coverage, is more irritating and pore clogging, and doesn’t last as long as physical sunscreens. Personally, I didn’t feel that Invisible Shield was worth the money I paid for it, and there are shelves of drugstore products that can achieve the same effect.

Super Pure Serum

While my main skin concern is my hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, I also am human and get the occasional spot every now and then. I wouldn’t necessarily classify my skin as acne prone (my usual face wash routine is enough to combat most breakouts), but the promise of a skin care product that could offset that post-junk food skin grossness was definitely intriguing. Glossier Super Pure Serum is a gel formulated with Niacinamide and Zinc that claims to “visibly soothe redness and help calm blemishes”.

I’ve only tried two of the Glossier serums, this and the Super Glow, but this one definitely ranks lower in my book. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really had any breakouts severe enough to merit calming, but I just really haven’t felt the effects of this one.

When I use Super Glow, I can visibly see a difference in my skin within 20 minutes of applying. With Super Pure, I can’t tell a difference at all, and if anything makes  my skin feels sticky and gunky. I know lots of other bloggers have raved about this as a favorite, so I’m inclined to believe that results genuinely depends on your skin type. Overall, Super Pure has been a miss for me, although I’m interested in trying the Deciem Ordinary dupe for it (since it comes in at a much lower price point).

Final Thoughts

I’ve already repurchased a few of these products, and I very likely will continue repurchasing them. Glossier is a new force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry, and they aren’t going anywhere. Skincare is very personal, so the products I love might not work for you, and some of my misses might end up being your holy grail favorites. The only way to know is to test them out yourself.
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    Great post- I haven’t tried much of Glossier’s skincare but I love their make-up so should really give some of your successful purchases a try 🙂

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