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Summer 2016 Empties!

For some reason, Empties round ups always seem to hold more weight for me than a Favorites or Haul post. There’s something very satisfying to me about collecting my empty containers. And knowing that someone I’m following has actually gone through an entire container/bottle/package of something and is then reviewing it, rather than just making a snap judgement based on packaging (guilty) means I’ll trust their input and advice.

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Spotlight On: Shampoo - Nettle and Lily -

Spotlight On: Shampoo

I have a lot of shower products. Like, a lot a lot. I just did a quick inventory, and I have 26 products in my shower, not including razors, face brushes, exfoliating mitts, loofahs and the like. 4 body scrubs, 3 intensive hair masks, 2 face scrubs, 3 face cleansers, 6 body washes, 1 shaving cream, 1 bar of soap, 2 daily conditioners, and 4 shampoos. I live alone, and all of those products live in my shower. I had to get two shower caddies to hold all the products I have.

I know it seems excessive, but when it comes to shower/bath and self care products, I love experimenting. I started switching up my shower routine when I was in middle school. I noticed that when I swapped back and forth between my Sunsilk De-Frizz conditioner (which has since been discontinued, which is honestly probably a good thing, it made my hair greasy as hell) and the Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly conditioner, my hair would end up softer and less frizzy than if I would just stick to one or the other. Soon I started trying to experiment with my routine in other aspects of my shower, trying new shampoos and face washes to see the effect they had.

I thought I might run through my current rotation of shower stuff, and what better place to start than where I usually start my showers: Shampoo.

The four shampoos currently living in my shower make up a pretty solid rotation, and I really love 3 out of the 4 of them.

For Daily/Every Other Day Use:

  • Lush Solid Shampoo Bar: Jason and the Argan Oil – I had never tried a solid shampoo, and the concept seemed odd to me. Like, soap, but you rub it in your hair. Seemed weird, I wasn’t into it, I stuck to bath bombs at Lush. But my all time favorite Lush scent is Rose Jam, and when one of the girls at my local Lush store told me there was going to be a Rose Jam scented shampoo bar, I decided to take the plunge and try it out. I had to wait a couple months before I could actually get my hands on it; the bars kept breaking in shipping because there’s so much Argan Oil in them that it makes them really soft. But once I could find them in the store, I fell in love!
  • Lush Solid Shampoo Bar: Karma Komba – Once I took the plunge and started with one shampoo bar from Lush, getting another was a no brainer. I’ve always loved the Karma scent from Lush, and when the girls there told me that the oils in Karma help with detangling your hair, I grabbed this one as well. The shampoo bars are easy to use, you just run the bar quickly under the water, and rub it along your wet hair until it lathers. Then you just work the shampoo into your scalp like you would any other shampoo, and it leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean!

For Color Treatment:

  • John Frieda Colour Correct Anti-Brassy Cleansing Treatment – I had read on The Beauty Department about the benefits of Cleansing Treatments for curly hair, so when I saw that John Frieda had released a cleansing treatment that would specifically help remove brassy tones from dyed blonde hair, I was definitely interested in trying it. The product is supposed to work as a substitute for your regular shampoo 3 times a week; I rarely shampoo my hair 3 times per week, so I started replacing 1 wash every week with this treatment to give it a try. The formula is bright purple (which I know is beneficial for blonde hair), and lathers really easily. However, the second ingredient (after water) in this product is Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is a huge skin irritant. Since it’s a surfactant, it’s commonly used in lots of shampoos to help lift oil from the hair, but in the process can also dry and irritate the skin. Because of that, I’ve started using this product once every two or three weeks, just to refresh my color slightly, and I always follow it with a nourishing hair mask, to help replenish some of the moisture in my hair and scalp.

For a Deep Clean:

  • Pantene Damage Detox Deep Cleanse Purifying Shampoo – Because of the amount of product I put in my hair, combined with exercising frequently throughout the week, I like to do a deep cleanse once every 10 days or so to help remove all of the gunk and product build up that my other shampoos might be missing. This shampoo is probably the most intense cleansing product I’ve ever used on my hair. The mint oil in it helps make your scalp feel tingly and clean, and it’s color safe for dyed hair. It really helps to give a great blank canvas for your hair for the following week. However, because it can be so stripping, I always like to use a really moisture intensive mask to help soften my hair and make it less straw-like (my favorite is the It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask, but I’ll be talking all about that in my Spotlight On Conditioner post later). I’ve found this combination gives me the cleanest, softest hair possible.


A typical week of shampooing for me would look like this:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pantene Damage Detox No Shampoo No Shampoo Jason and the Argan Oil No Shampoo Karma Komba No Shampoo

Stay tuned for my Spotlight On Conditioner post coming soon, where I’ll discuss a little more about the 5 products I use for moisturizing and nourishing my hair.