Skincare Routine: Fall 2016 - Nettle and Lily -

Skincare Routine – Fall 2016

I like to think that for about 75% of the year I have fairly normal skin; not oily or dry, maybe the occasional spot, but for the most part it’s not a problem. When the air starts to dry out, wind picks up, and I start spending a few hours in a packed commuter train to get to work, I start to veer into that other 25% of the year. My hyperpigmentation becomes more obvious, my skin feels dry and tired, and it needs a helping hand. So, in anticipation of those harsher winter months, I’ve kicked my skincare routine into overdrive for the last month. Here’s what I do every day to keep my skin healthy and happy! Continue reading

Nettle and Lily - My Sunday Evening Self-Care Routine -

My Sunday Evening Self-Care Routine

I am a huge promoter of self-care. Devoting 100% of your time to people and things other than yourself can be devastating to your wellbeing. I started working on my self care routine about a year and a half ago, and I’ve got it perfected now. I like to do my full routine on Sunday evenings because this can be a pretty rough time of the week for my anxiety. The week is full of unknowns, which generally lead me to have lots of snowballing distorted thoughts of how terrible the week will be. Instead of giving in, I like to nip it in the bud and put more time into listening to my body and my mind, and taking care of myself. Continue reading